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Paradigms and Programming Models in Parallel Computing

In this paper parallel paradigms and programming models are presented and systematized. The fundamental approaches for parallel application decomposition are formulated and systematized as well. Parallel applications are classified according to the timing structure of the problem being solved. The parallel programming models are categorized in respect to the type of the parallelism utilized. The strategies for parallel application development are presented.
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Autonomous moving object with environment adaptation – optimal combination of mathematical mechanism and functional characteristics of computing system

The paper presents a research for the limits of precision control for moving object in the plane. The inaccuracy in object description and observation and the limits of the computer control system are rendered. Тhe complexity of mathematical presentation and the productivity characteristics of signal processing or cluster environment are focused and put together. The optimization techniques and method for control are proposed. The simulation results and tests are performed and analyzed.
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Database search improvement using fuzzy variables

The report offers one method that gives the possibility to improve database (DB) SELECT capabilities using fuzzy variables into SQL queries. Different examples and fuzzy inference models are investigated to prove searching improvement. Adding fuzzy variables made DB query creation for the user easy and intuitive, because of using categories closer to him.
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